About Us

The 3P Foundation, since 2016 would then be starting to distribute organically raised pork and chicken, duck, turkey, quail and goat meat, aside from live animals would sell both for breeding and meat purposes. It was in late 2016 that the 3P Farm started its dispersal program while sustaining its scholarship and medical mission programs. It has more than 80 scholars in all grade levels all over the country, though the bulk of them are in Kidapawan City.

Its education Program has also donated, from the fund channeled thru it by the YCI, a school building at the Baugo Elementary School in the town of Caraga in Davao Oriental in the first quarter of 2017 and a flagpole structure at the Mancera Elementary School in Balindog, Kidapawan City. 
Aside from the weekly free medical check up, the Foundation where YCI has channeled its CSR fund, has been sustaining its regular medical and feeding missions in the most depressed villages in Cotabato Province.